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Cubberley  Elementary PTA focuses to engage the Cubberley Community by providing a welcoming, vibrant, collaborative environment. We strive to host fun, family friendly events that bring us together as a community, while helping to raise money for our school at the same time. Your membership and donations, fund our Art Corp Program, school assemblies, field trip buses, and so much more.  We're happy to have your support!

Summer Break! June 7 - August 11

The 2024-2025 Cubberley School Year Starts Monday, August 12th

We'll see you again then!

Feel free to email us any questions about the upcoming school year at

To view the entire San Diego Unified School District Calendar click here

Forgot to order a Yearbook?

Books can be ordered directly from the printer for a limited time.  Additional shipping charges may apply.

Mobile Phone
Family Resources

Cubberley Elementary School PTA always has its doors open.
Don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions or ideas regarding our non-profit organization or anything else.

3201 Marathon Drive, San Diego, CA 92123

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